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You can only do you best. A guest post for Abby Norman.

Hello there. I’m so excited to be over at my friend Abby’s place today. Each Monday she’s hosting someone different in here Jesus at the Blackboard series. Abby is wonderful, she might be the most encouraging person I ever met on the internet.

I’m pretty sure the Gnostics are wrong and that Jesus and Mary Magdalene didn’t have children.* If they did though, I’m convinced they wouldn’t have sent them to a Christian School. In a where would Jesus school, I’m pretty sure an independent Christians school would score pretty low, but that’s exactly where my parents sent me. Continue reading here…

Thank you so much for reading it really does mean the world to me. I tweet and I’m pretty entertaining.

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When we talk about the bible; Galatians 1.

photoHey there, so good to see you again.

Did you read my bit of house keeping yesterday? There’s also a list of books you might like to have a look at.

Might I suggest you read Galatians 1, or the whole of the book? And then, lets talk;

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