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My Loveliest Things. A guest post for The Lipstick Gospel.

IMG_1494 Hello.

How was your day? Mine was lovely thank you.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m sharing over at Stephanie May’s The Lipstick Gospel today.

I’m telling you all about five of my loveliest things, if you’d like to have a look read it here.

Thanks! Love you guys. X

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What I’m into (June 2013)

this is me, pretending to bake at Osterley House, I know, I am awesome.

I feel like it was just May, where on earth has the month of June disappeared to? This month hasn’t been the easiest of my life, I’ve been working through some things about the future, and purpose, and stuff. I come through June bruised a little, but with a lot of hope.  Continue reading

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Thirty things we hate about marriage. A guest post from Ben and Ruth McAvoy.

thirty_things This is the second and final post in this series from the heroes that are Ben and Ruth McAvoy.  You can read the first one here. What a treat to have them here again. This title, they picked it for themselves, I had no hand in it. Do enjoy it.

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Thirty things that have changed our lives. A guest post by Ruth and Richard Littlehales.

thirty_thingsI love Ruth and Richard Littlehales, and their children very much. Their son is my Godson! They are some of the most genuine and faithful people you could ever hope to come across. I was part of a house church (glasshouse) they led a number of years ago and it was one of the most wonderful and challenging things I’ve ever been a part of.

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Thirty things they don’t tell you about having kids. A guest post from Rachel Borland.


 Rachel Borland is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. She and her husband John are the only people I know who make it look like having kids doesn’t totally disrupt their lives.

I’ve got two gorgeous kids aged 7 and 5, and being a parent has been a like a madcap adventure. Before me and my husband had kids, people gave us loads of advice and we really thought we were listening. But maybe we weren’t, so here are 30 things that either people didn’t tell us or we just didn’t hear.

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Thirty things that surprised us about marriage. A guest post by Ben and Ruth McAvoy.

thirty_thingsToday I’ve got the pleasure of hosting two of my oldest friends in this space, I’m so pleased they agreed to be part of this series, this post is the first of two that they’ll be contributing – look out for the next one! 

Over the past six years of marriage there have been some interesting, frustrating, exciting, nervous, angry and extremely happy moments. Today we are taking over Sarah’s blog to tell you about some of he more unexpected things that we have encountered on our journey so far…

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