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Thirty things that have changed the lens through which I see. A guest post from Jennifer Upton


I met Jennifer through Elora’s Story101 course. Apart from the wonderful things I’m learning, I’m also meeting the best people. Jennifer is one of those people. Enjoy.

I lied to myself when I said it would be simple to list thirty things that have changed the way I see life. Thirty moments out of thirty seven years of living seemed impossible. Moments came to me that I’ve not brought to the surface of my memory in years, brought refreshment. Moments I’ve never spoken aloud, afraid of who may be listening, brought angst. Moments that I am tired of sharing, but must, because they have wrecked me, brought regret (again). In the end, my list is just that- moments. Moments of my life, but not the whole of my life. Moments that have shaped the way I see, but haven’t narrowed my view.


Thirty things I’ve learned from my daughters. A guest post from Nicole Romero (with help from Ella, Age 8)


I’m so grateful to have Nicole contributing here; you guys are in for a treat!

Thanks so much Nicole.

We learn just as much from our children as they do from us.  It’s not a cliché if it’s deeply true. Being a child is frustrating and glorious. They are experts at honest living. Every parent needs a reminder to see their kids as teachers not just tiny drunk comedians we are trying to keep alive.

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