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What I’m into (June 2013)

this is me, pretending to bake at Osterley House, I know, I am awesome.

I feel like it was just May, where on earth has the month of June disappeared to? This month hasn’t been the easiest of my life, I’ve been working through some things about the future, and purpose, and stuff. I come through June bruised a little, but with a lot of hope.  Continue reading

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Thirty things I love about Sarah McCarten – A guest post by Kelly Maxted.


 So this is weird isn’t it? I know my blog is often about self promotion but this takes the biscuit doesn’t it? When my very best friend asked to contribute things that she loved about me for this series I had no idea that she was serious. It turns out she was. So here it is; thirty things my best friend loves about me.

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