Sarah McCarten

Esther Collective.

We’re going to be using The Message translation of the bible. You can read it and print it here, if you like.

I’m not calling it a syllabus, because you’re going to determine the direction as much as I am, but here is the plan.

Weeks 1 & 2 – 17th – 23rd March & 24th – 30th March

Would you read the whole book these two weeks? Let’s go through and make some general observations.

These questions are taken from Laurie Green’s; Let’s do theology, page 84. Use some of these ideas to engage with the text, ask questions of it, make it do the work.

Light – what things in the passage illuminate or inspire you?

Question – what things don’t you understand?

Surprise – What things in the passage surprise you?

These two weeks I’ll be around but I’ll be quiet, I’ve got a busy two weeks, I want you to know that I’m here, but I might not be as responsive as I would like. Would you answer one another’s questions? I’m here and will read all things you post. Feel free to tag me if you’d like a personal response.

I will send prompts, I’ll email them and post them on the Facebook page, feel free to answer there, or in your journal, or on your blog, or in your heart, or with you mum over a cup of tea. We’ll keep these weeks more general, we’ll have more opportunity to look at the specifics of the story later on.

Week 3 – 31st March – 6th April

Read chapters 1-3.

Week 4 – 7th – 13th April

Read chapters 4-6.

Week 5 – 14th – 20th April (Holy Week)

Read chapters 7-10.

Week 6 – 21st – 25th April (a shorter week)


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