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What I’m into (June 2013)

this is me, pretending to bake at Osterley House, I know, I am awesome.

I feel like it was just May, where on earth has the month of June disappeared to? This month hasn’t been the easiest of my life, I’ve been working through some things about the future, and purpose, and stuff. I come through June bruised a little, but with a lot of hope.  Continue reading


What I’m into (May 2013)

IMG_1347Can I be real for a moment? This past month has been one of the most fun I’ve had in a long time; I turned thirty, I had a massively response to the series I’m running on my blog, I took a little trip to the Cotswolds, I spent time with good friends. However, I didn’t read or write very much, life got in the way, I’m sorry for that, but also grateful that I’ve had such a lovely month.

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What I’m into. (April 2013)

photoOn my bookshelf:

I think I want to be a vicar, I’m reading books to help me with that. Called or Collared – Francis Dewar. This book is good, it’s a bit dated, but the principles are great. It talks about everyone having their own story, not just people who are called to leadership, that’s great.

What We Talk About When We Talk About God – Rob Bell I’m a bit disappointed if I’m honest. Didn’t even finish it. Bell has been a bit of a hero of mine since Velvet Elvis and this book didn’t reach the mark when it comes to controversy. Or maybe I’m less shockable now. I also went to see the tour that goes along with this book; review to follow in this space.

I’m planning to write a contemporary application of the New Testament Epistles here starting with Galatians; with that in mind I’ve been reading Paul for Everyone (Galatians and Thessalonians) – Tom Wright, The Message of Galatians – John Stott, and From Pentecost to Patmos – Craig L. Blomberg. You’ll hopefully get to see the results of this reading here in the not so distant future.

When I was a kid I was a massive Delirious fan, I knew who they were when they were Cutting Edge. I read Martin Smith’s Delirious and it was an absolute stonker, I really enjoyed it, his honest made me look at my own writing with a massively critical eye. I anticipated feeling nostalgic; I came away with that but also massively impressed.

I’m taking part in Elora’s Story101 ecourse (more about that below), and I’ve read am reading the books that go along with that. When Women Were Birds – Terry Tempest cropped-img_0624.jpgWilliams: if I’m honest I’ve read about a quarter of this book. Full disclosure: I’m not sure I get it, I will persevere though because you know I don’t want to be the only girl in my class who doesn’t love it. Wild Mind – Natalie Goldberg: BRILLIANT if you’re a writer read it, whatever you write, it’s so very accessible.

In my reader:

In May Allison Vesterfelt and I will both turn 30. She’s doing something much more productive with her birthday than I am with mine. This post is both a challenge and an inspiration.

I missed this earlier but in April I read this post at prodigal. It’s heart wrenchingly good, I commend it to you.

This post is refreshing and honest, brilliant Leigh.


I watch an episode of Judge Judy most week days; it’s an absolute treat. Who wouldn’t love a woman who can get away with talking people like that for her job?


While reading Martin Smith’s Delirious I decided to go for a tour of their music history I started with the Cutting Edge records and haven’t left yet. I’m reliving my early teens.

I’m going to see The Rend Collective Experiment in a few days; their album Campfire is the best thing in live Christian music since Live and in the Can. I listened to it everyday in April.


Meeting with my Vocations Advisor. He’s the one who’ll help me discern whether or not I’m called to be a vicar. It’s all very exciting (read scary).

I’ve started Elora’s Story101 ecourse, it’s brilliant and not what I expected at all. I’ve met some great new friends; I can’t wait to tell you about it some more.

I can’t explain all the reasons here but Kayleigh Pickard and Rob Price have been absolute heroes this month.

The overwhelming response I’ve had to my thirtieth birthday project thirty things. If you’d like to participate I still have a couple of slots left and I’d love to have you.

On the blog:

My favourite post this month was this.

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