Sarah McCarten

When we experience things differently.


empty tube stationShe got back and she was so excited, she’d been with her brother and her mum to see one of these mega preachers, I won’t tell you his name, but it was in the late nineties and mega preachers were very impressive in those days.

She told me how the worship was electric, and the songs were inspirational. She told me that the preach was sensational, that it was something she’d never even thought about before. She told me how the mega preacher had called all the young people to the front to pray for them and how when she’d finished, they all were slain in the Spirit. She said it was amazing and that she’s really met with God.

A couple of day’s later I saw her brother, the one my friend went with. He told me, he went to the ‘mega preacher’ event with. He told me the worship was really hypey, that it was loud and the songs were all na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, (it was the nineties remember, the days before the whoa, whoa, whoas). He told me that the preach was heretical (his words, not mine) and that the mega-preacher basically inferred that if you weren’t healed you weren’t holy enough. He told me about being called to the front too. He went, somewhat reluctantly. They crammed them into the front and the guy prayed. Then he said they got pushed from the front, and so they all were lying down on top of each other, he said it was nothing to do with Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

It’s funny isn’t in, how we can encounter things, the same things, and have such different experiences.

Did this ever happen to you?

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2 thoughts on “When we experience things differently.

  1. I’ve totally been there on several occasions!
    There are so many situations that individuals can experience differently, including their shared childhood.

  2. I definitely resonate with both of these perspectives.

    When I was younger I remember having a genuine experience of the Holy Spirit at a youth camp. It never replicated itself in my life, but I regularly draw strength from the experience. I’ve found that God chooses to speak to me in different and often more challenging ways as I’ve developed and grown in my faith.

    What I’ve learned over the years it to encourage the positive and never to degrade someones experience of God, but to sit back and watch the fruit of the Spirit unfold in their lives.

    Good reflections, I think Andrew Root will be addressing some of these things in his next book, but I think a great place to start reading particularly for youth ministry, is a great book by Steve Griffiths called Models for Youth Ministry. It’s really challenging my practice at the moment.

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