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When we talk about the bible; Galatians 1.

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photoHey there, so good to see you again.

Did you read my bit of house keeping yesterday? There’s also a list of books you might like to have a look at.

Might I suggest you read Galatians 1, or the whole of the book? And then, lets talk;

Often when I answer a call from a friend or someone I know I we have a preamble to the reason they’re calling, we’ll talk about an array of other things, and then we’ll eventually get to the point. Sometimes though, some things are so important that we miss the pleasantries, we jump straight to the point, usually it’s when we’ve got really good, or really bad news. That’s what Paul’s doing here. Ordinarily, Paul, just like most First Century letter writers, would have started his letter with a greeting to those the letter was intended for. In the letter to the Galatians, he starts with by writing about his authority. In doing this Paul says that he’s not about the greeting this time, he wants to get straight on with the message.

He gives the credit to God, he let’s them know he’s credible then he’s straight in.

What Paul is saying is that they’re preaching another gospel; the details of the other gospel are unimportant, because they are not the gospel. He’s saying that anything added to the gospel is wrong. What he’s not saying is, don’t talk about this stuff, what he is saying is let’s not make this the gospel.

As I’ve been thinking about this, I can think of loads of things that other people include in the message that’s not actually the gospel; homosexuality, all the things that go along with that including gay marriage, it’s social action, it’s politics, it’s about rights. It’s the gospel plus; we think we’ve made the gospel better. When essentially we’ve tagged our thing, on to it. Our things often aren’t bad things, they’re often about very good things, but nothing is as good as the gospel.

Mine? My thing is women, if you’re not for women in leadership, I’ll tell you it’s a doctrine issue, but I’ll secretly think you’ve missed the point of the gospel. Need to work on that don’t I?

The gospel is not about an issue. If we think that we’ve missed it.

This is Paul’s important message, it’s the thing he’s bursting to tell them.

I wonder what that thing is in your life? Is there something that you add to the gospel, either to fit in with your agenda, or to make it more palatable?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate you all so very much. I tweet here.

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