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When I tell you about tomorrow.

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photoHello, so glad you’re here. If you found me through my recent series, or if we’ve been friends for a while, you’re really welcome here.

Tomorrow we’ll start a series I’ve been planning, but I really wanted for us to just do a bit of house keeping today.

We’ll start looking at Galatians tomorrow, I studied theology, and I feel like theology is always worth a conversation, and I think the bible has a quite a lot to say about how we live our lives.

While I have looked at commentaries in preparing this I haven’t, usually quoted directly from them, I’ll provide a list of books below which I’ve read in preparing this. Obviously should I quote direct I will reference that. You can assume the books I use are ones I’d recommend.

I’m using Eugene Peterson’s Message version of the bible. While it’s not the most accurate in terms of word for word translation, I have it on good authority that the essence is pretty close to the Greek and Hebrew. If I had Greek, I’d translate it for you; sorry that I don’t.

I believe that the bible is the inspiration of God written by the hands of men. I believe it was written for a particular time and place, but the lessons contained there are timeless and universal. That means, I trust the bible, but I’m prepared to work out what it means for us today.

I’d love for this to be a conversation, I’d love to come and meet you in your favourite coffee shop, I’d love to open our bibles together, and work out what this means for us. Would you join me?


Paul for Everyone; Galatians and Thessalonians by Tom Wright.

The Message of Galatians (BST) by John Stott.

From Pentecost to Patmos by Craig L. Blomberg.

I expect I’ll add to this list, so keep a lookout.

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