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Thirty things to value in friendship. A guest post from Matt and Lisa Corbridge.

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thirty_thingsThis is it, number 30. How’d we get here? I’ve been overwhelmed by this series, really I have. Thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and thank you for contributing. It’s been an absolute blast. I am so very encouraged. I thought it perfect to end on a friendship one, since my first one was about friends, and all the people who’ve contributed are my friends. Thank you so much guys, I love you all very much.

Matt and Lisa are the best kind of people and the best kind of friends, when they agreed to do one of these; I knew it would be a good one. They’re wonderful. Thank you so much!

The Oxford dictionary describes friendship as “a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.” In fact it even adds “a contact on a social networking website.”

However you count your friends we’ve been thinking recently about what it is we value in friendship. Being on the road to starting our own family (Baby C due just before Christmas) and in the process of trying to buy a house for said family has given us plenty of reason.  It’s often when big things change in life that you’re made to stop and take account of the things, places and people who have been a part of your journey so far before you step into the unknown.

We feel very blessed by the friends we’ve made over the years, and the way that these people have enriched our lives. Friendship really is a great gift!

Here are our thoughts on the thirty things we value in friendship. It’s probably worth mentioning that of course it’s actually quite hard to sum up the crux of friendship in a list.  The things you value in one friendship to another can be miles apart and almost contradictory in some cases. Make what you will of the following;

1. Honesty
2. Loyalty
3. Sense of humour
4. Sound advice
5. Empathy
6. Love
7. Trust
8. Generosity
9. Sense of fun
10. Acceptance
11. Bravery
12. Support
13. History
14. Spontaneity
15. Graciousness
16. Integrity
17. Inclusivity
18. Encouragement
19. Positivity
20. Commonality
21. Ability to laugh at life
22. Respect
23. Adventurous nature
24. Mutual appreciation
25. Non judgment
26. Strong mind
27. Thoughtfulness
28. Openness
29. Interesting conversation
30. Understanding


Matt and Lisa have been married for three years and live in sunny Watford. They both work in London – Lisa is a tech PR Consultant and Matt is an Electrical Engineer. They love good food, the great outdoors, hosting, and busying themselves spending as much time as they can with family and friends.    
Well, that’s it, done and dusted. I’d love to have your feedback for the whole of this series, you can email me, tweet me, use this, or post below.

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