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Thirty things about people I love. A guest post from Joy Smith.

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thirty_things Joy is one of the loveliest people in my life. She’s always generous with her words, but genuine too. Which means she’ll call you on your crap. We met in Leeds where we spent hours and hours getting to know each other, although we can never work out how one awkward night in a bar turned into such a wonderful friendship, I’m so grateful that she lives but a stones throw away from me again.  Thanks Joy, I love you.

1. Luke – Because it’s hard not to. Whom I thank God for every day and I am so lucky for.
2.My sister Rachael – We’ve become even closer in the last 5 years and she is one of the mentally strongest people I know
3 & 4. Mum and Dad – Because they have been the most supportive and generous parents. I also love how they love Luke so much.
5, 6 & 7. My nephews William, Caleb and Noah – 3 very clever and very different boys that I would do anything for.
8. Joey – My ex whom I care for dearly which freaks people out.
9. Bex – For introducing me to Luke and because she is so beautiful.
10, 11, 12. Gee, Karen and Jo – For fond memories in Paris ’03 and US ’04
13. Jackie – Because she has taught me a lot and made me not make the same mistake twice.
14 & 15. Michael and Claudia – for being the most amazing married role model Luke and I could ever have.
16 & 17. Anj and Simon – Because they are both so ridiculously talented in their own way and prove that opposites do attract.
18. Mrs Phillips – For being a wonderful mother role model in the this modern age.
19 & 20. My in-laws – For accepting me for who I am and making me feel a real part of their family.
21 & 22 – James and David – Because they remind me of real families and call me sis 🙂
23. Andrzej Skiba – If it wasn’t for his personality who knows whether I would have completed the Alpha Course. Also his immense generosity to Luke and I over the years.
24. Aamir – He is my drinking partner on holiday who always seems to look out for me.
25 & 26. – Ben and Ruth – Although we don’t see each other enough, I know they are always there when ever we need them.
27. Mark – Because he’s terribly awkward but so loving all the same.
28. All the others that I can’t fit on here – Because you are all so wonderful in your own ways and have made massive imprints on my heart.
29. Jesus – Because I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.
30. Sarah – Last but not least, this precious person who has been incredible over the years and am so grateful for.
105_567389551609_197808392_37228975_7824_n Joy is married to Luke and she had a much more difficult family name before she was. They live in West London. They have a cat. Joy is the most agreeable person you could ever be in company with; I don’t know a person who doesn’t like her, for real.

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