Sarah McCarten

Thirty things that Sara(h)s do. A guest post from Luke Maxted.

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Luke is married to my very best friend, Kelly. When the two of them were getting together, I said to Kelly, if you kiss Luke, then you’ve got to marry him because I still want to be friends with him. Luke is wise, funny, and humble. If you were his friend you’d be a very lucky human being. We’re very fortunate that Luke is here, because he just finished his masters and if I were him, I wouldn’t want to write a word for a very long time after that. Thank you Luke.

  1. Win multiple golds in multiple Paralympics in multiple disciplines. (Sarah Storey)
  2. Save the Last Dance. (Sara Johnson)
  3. Sell frozen things to make roast dinners easier. (Sara Lee)
  4. Make visual puns. (Sarah Lucas)
  5. Challenge Jareth the Goblin King to win back her brother. (Sarah Williams)
  6. Is a love machine. (Sarah Harding)
  7. Slay vampires. (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
  8. Repeatedly foil Team Rocket’s plans. (Sarah Natochenny)
  9. Pioneer screen-acting for women. (Sarah Bernhardt)
  10. Trick women into thinking that birth doesn’t hurt. (Sarah Buchanan)
  11. Wear Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes – I have no idea what these are but Kelly tells me that they’re really important. (Sarah Jessica Parker)
  12. Write detective novels. (Sara Paretsky)
  13. Become the patron saint of the Roma people and supposedly Jesus’ daughter. (St. Sarah)
  14. Make inappropriate and ill-informed comments about other countries. (Sarah Palin)
  15. Teach people to shake a leg with her. (Sarah Dowling)
  16. Live in an attic with a scullery maid named Becky. (Sarah Crewe)
  17. Get chased around New York by John Cusack. (Sara Thomas)
  18. Create stories about small helicopters and their friends. (Sarah Ferguson)
  19. Make friends with Rambo. (Sarah Miller)
  20. Sing beautiful jazz. (Sarah Vaughan)
  21. Star as Juliet, Alice, and Princess Aurora. (Sarah Lamb)
  22. Fight Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Sarah Connor)
  23. Get addicted to surgery. (Sarah Burge)
  24. Cry in stock cupboards. (Sarah Chalke)
  25. Run taverns in the Wild West. (Sarah A. Bowman)
  26. Flirt with Samwise Gamgee. (Sarah McCleod)
  27. Campaign for the rights of Native Americans. (Sarah Winnemucca)
  28. Make her Egyptian slave girl sleep with her husband. (Sarah from the Bible)
  29. Write royal biographies. (Sarah Bradford)
  30. Write blogs, bake cakes, sew things, drink tea, talk loud, and laugh-snort. (Sarah McCarten)


Luke lives in north west London with his wife, Kelly, and son, Reuben. He likes to think he’s really clever but more likely he’s just a bit pretentious. Against his better judgement he currently works for the church. He used to blog here and tweet here.

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