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Thirty things I like about my job. A guest post from Mark Robinson.

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thirty_things Mark’s wife Becci shared with us a few days ago. Mark is one of the funniest married men that I know, often I find when guys get married they stop being funny, he hasn’t either that, or he was even funnier a few years ago. Enjoy this; 

  1. I’m employee No.1 – I’ve been with the company since it started, being part of it every step of the way
  2. The two founding directors and my bosses are my mates.

  3. We have a pool table in the office. This is great for just having a short break from work when things aren’t going as you want them to and just relaxing at lunch time.

  4. The meeting room table is actually a table tennis table. More fun, and a good way to get to know everyone.

  5. We have a beer fridge – about 5 on a Friday everyone will stop work to have a drink together and play a game of pool or table tennis.

  6. LFOTM – Last Friday Of The Month we do something together as a company. We’ve been bowling, Go Karting and to Top Golf!

  7. I can work from home if I want to

  8. We’re a small company – With only 12 employees you know everyone in the office

  9. A few of our clients are household names, even my Grandparents have heard of the Co-op and Honda

  10. I do the technical interviews, so you could say I choose who I work with.

  11. We recently got team hoodies – they’re bright orange and I think they’re cool even if others find them a bit bright.

  12. Occasionally I do short teaching sessions with the apprentices we employ. It’s a nice change from the norm.

  13. Lead the tech team – A small and relatively new team that has a lot of promise.

  14. It’s a challenge – I’ve had to, and still have to, learn a lot starting and maintaining a technology startup.

  15. System design – I get to decide how we are going to build our technology platform, rather just be told what to do

  16. Shares – I have a small share in the company and get to share in success of all the hard work put in.

  17. Short commute – I work in London, but not the centre, so it only takes me about 30 minutes on the train.

  18. Relaxed open plan office

  19. Shiny toys – doing digital publishing means we have to test what we produce on the latest gadgets and therefore we get to play with the latest Apple and Android tablets.

  20. I enjoy what I do – many people don’t so I consider myself very fortunate.

  21. Get paid

  22. I have a company debit card! – ok so this is very egotistical especially since I’ve only ever used it twice!

  23. I have to trust in God – it’s not all been plain sailing and there have been moments when things have go seriously wrong. At times I’ve been completely out of my depth and just lost without God. He has been incredibly faithful and good to me in the timing of when things have gone wrong and getting them fixed.

  24. I don’t work with Babies or pregnant women like my wife – I think working with computers is much easier, they are less messy and more predictable.

  25. Flexible hours

  26. Our dress code is casual – I don’t like wearing a tie, and ironing isn’t my strong point, so being able to wear trackies and a t-shirt is much better than having to worry about whether I’ve got a shirt ready predictable

  27. Our new office has windows – so this might seem like a strange one to most people but our very first office with just four people in it was just 16sqm with no windows and therefore no natural light.

  28. I still have one. Not bad in the light of the fact that 90% of tech startups fail within the first year I think.

  29. Being creative – I like to make things but I’m not arty at all, so seeing people use something I’ve coded is very satisfying.

  30. It’s not shift work – I work Monday to Friday and get the weekend off. I don’t have to think about whether I will be working at a weekend

SONY DSCMark Robinson is 26 and lives with his wife Becci in Watford. After graduating in 2008 with a degree in Computer Science from Jesus College Cambridge he moved to work in London. Two years ago he became the first employee of a small tech start up, now called, of which he is now CTO.

I’m pretty sure that in point in #24 Mark is not subtally telling us that his wife, Becci, is preganant, rather that she works with babies and pregnant women. I could be wrong though.

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