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Thirty things I’d do again. A guest post from Becci Robinson.

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thirty_things  Becci is wonderful. She’s one of the kindest and most genuine people that I know. When she and her husband first came to our church I was on the door, I invited them to our cell and they stayed, they’re my first (and only) welcome team success story. After discovering that she dislikes Articulate, I’m not sure for how much longer we’ll be friends.

Enjoy this!

  1. Move house when I was seven. I really didn’t want to leave my familiar surroundings, church and school friends, and I will never know what life would look like if my parents hadn’t decided to move, and its not about wondering what if;but what I do know is the secondary school I moved onto and the friends I made played a massive part of who I am today! I moved to a new church, explored christianity for myself, got baptised, met two out of my three bridesmaids, my husband and went to Ghana on a mission trip. I love the wisdom of my parents, even if i thought they were against me and my little world at the time.

  2. Swim with dolphins. My God is so creative!! Look how beautiful and graceful they are!!

  3. Get married (to the same guy) so basically wear my beautiful dress that I’ve only ever worn once and have a day about me (and Mark) with all my amazing friends and lots of dancing!

  4. Be born just the way I am with a physical disability and an amazing and gracious God.

  5. Ask my lovely friends Jenny and Elle to sing at my wedding. Stunning voices!!

  6. Go to the ‘Met’ tapas restaurant on the Isle of Wight (best meal ever!)

  7. Make all the same friends all over again

  8. Train to be a midwife

  9. Go to the University of Bedfordshire and live in lovely Luton

  10. Give my life to Jesus!

  11. Join City life church Luton

  12. Run a cell group and exercise being pastoral. (Which basically means listening to a lovely person you already enjoy spending time with and eating cake, while God blesses your time together! WIN!) But seriously I love lending an ear, i don’t feel Im  particularly good at offering advice, but think that its OK just to listen and be a friend. Time means a lot in this busy world.

  13. Move to Watford and join Soul Survivor

  14. Go on all my amazing family holidays. They are priceless memories that can’t be taken away. Recommendation here: NEVER take them for granted. Things change (not necessarily for better or worse, just different) and you can’t relive them so just enjoy family (whatever that looks like) in the here and now.

  15. Go to Disneyland! Be a big kid. Be overwhelmed and love every minute of it!

  16. Do my mentorship course and teach students

  17. Go on safari in South Africa

  18. Have a braai proper south african style, experiencing different cultures and lifestyles, while knowing we actually have so much in common.

  19. Go on a mission trip to Ghana (but maybe  try and avoid malaria next time!)

  20. Go on holiday with the girls!! Nothing beats it!

  21. Support Derby County

  22. Write a poem and read it at my Grandad’s funeral to make people smile and reflect on some great memories.

  23. Support a child through compassion. £21 a month is less than a cup of coffee every day! It’s an eye opener and an insight to a world that we can’t really ever imagine living every single day. Yet children are children. They love to draw, play with their friends and like to tell you what they have learnt at school. Even if I can help improve one families chances of raising, feeding and educating a son or daughter, it’s worth every penny. steps like this, God’s grace and our passionate prayer, can slowly change a poverty stricken, selfish and desperate world.

  24. Shop at Jane Norman. Shallow but those of you who know me have just smiled.

  25. Order breakfast in bed. Its a little lazy and self indulgent…but i’d do it again!

  26. Go swimming with a toddler. Their joy and laughter is truly contagious. Their trust and lack of fear at throwing themselves into deep water and their overwhelming faith that you will catch them is mind blowing and can teach a stressed student  trying to juggle life a heck of a lot.

  27. Go to the Lake District  to visit the Grandparent in laws. a) Its a beautiful part of the country in every season, b) Grandparents are brilliant people, so wise with so many stories to tell if you must have the time to listen and be around them. c) They won’t be around forever. I wish I had known that before my own Grandad passed away. Creating lovely memories now is so worth it. d) Its such a small thing to do, take a weekend out of the busy schedule and it means so much more to them than you realise.

  28. (Sorry bit of a mushy one) Go punting on the river Cam in Cambridge.Thats where Mark went to Uni and although it wasn’t the easiest part of our relationship or indeed my life, it’s a lovely city and a good reminder of all we have been through, physically, emotionally and spiritually… but actually a much better reason is because just around the corner is the Fudge Kitchen which undoubtedly sells the best fresh, rich chocolate fudge in the world!!

  29. Watch ‘The Slipper and The Rose’ as it is my favorite film of all time. It makes me so sad that hardly anyone has ever heard of it. Basically it’s an old fashioned musical version of Cinderella! Perfect concoction for a girly night in!

  30. Breed guinea pigs! Sounds very random, but as a family we owned 40 guinea pigs and used to ‘show’ them; brilliant fun! The little things got spoilt rotten and loved being bathed and groomed. We used to breed them and watch them give birth. Baby guinea pigs are mega cute! Maybe this inspired me to become a midwife. It does require a lot of commitment and takes up whole weekends, but as a family hobby it’s well worth it and something we all enjoyed doing together.

IMG_2888Becci has lived in Watford for two years with her husband Mark and joined Soul Survivor church about 18 months ago. Becci is a Midwife at Watford General and LOVES her job and the fact she gets paid to hang out with new parents and cuddle cute babies! Her favourite thing about her job is witnessing the miracle of childbirth particularly at homebirths and training up new students. In her spare time Becci is seldom alone and loves to hang out with her friends. She likes chocolate, drinking tea, shopping and board games (except Articulate!)

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