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Thirty things we hate about marriage. A guest post from Ben and Ruth McAvoy.

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thirty_things This is the second and final post in this series from the heroes that are Ben and Ruth McAvoy.  You can read the first one here. What a treat to have them here again. This title, they picked it for themselves, I had no hand in it. Do enjoy it.

1 – Farts in the bed
2 – People expect you to have babies and that being married gives them a right to ask all the time
3 – Different libidos
4 – Starting an argument because your really tired and then instantly regretting it
5 – Arguments
6 – iPhones
7 – You can’t get enough time together
8 – Being away from each other for longer than one night
9 – Working from home
10 – People expecting you to do everything together
11 – Putting on weight
12 – Not being able to stay angry because she pulls a cute face
13 – Not being able to argue my point and just crying
14 – Not being able to buy a house without massive amounts of money
15 – Not being able to hide birthday and Christmas presents
16 – Not seeing friends enough
17 – That the chocolate bar you bought has gone and been replaced by a cheeky face
18 – Copious amounts of lamps (that are your husband’s)
19 – Candles (that are your husband’s)
20 – Differing views on decor
21 – That she is always right (all the time, like 99.9% of the time, even though I’ll argue the other side)
22 – That sex can become a really big argument
23 – Boys smell (still)
24 – Girls smell (still)
25 – The times when I’m not right
26 – Not communicating enough
27 – Shaved beard hair in the sink
28 – Having to clean at the weekends instead of going out to play
29 – Having to be an adult sometimes
30 – That I don’t have a heart that’s big enough to fit all the love in
As this is our second post, we wanted to take the opportunity to say something about our friend Sarah McCarten. She is one of the most generous people we know and has helped both of us through some pretty tough times (as well as some amazing times). She is someone that you can say anything to, one of the best people to be with if you want to cry with laughter and it doesn’t matter how long since you last saw her, it will seem like it was only yesterday. Oh…and she snores…

Untitled1Ben and Ruth McAvoy have been married for almost 6 years, and although I know this (I went to their wedding), Ruth is still listed in my phone as here unmarried name. Out of all the friends I have in the North, it’s the two of them I always make an effort to see when I visit my parents. They are so much fun. Ruth is a primary school teacher and Ben does something with music and computers, you check out his work here.

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