Sarah McCarten

Thirty things about living with Sarah McCarten. A guest post from Georgina Moeke.

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I’m back with the self indulgence. This is the last one I promise. George is a brilliant friend. One of my favourites actually. I loved living with her (for the most part) and I don’t say that about everyone.

I’m so very grateful that she agreed to share here.  If I were to choose an Articulate Kingdom Dream Team; She’d be on it every.single.time. And what she says point #30 is absolutely true. She’s the best rat bouncer ever; and she never tried to kiss me in the alley.

1. There was always ham in our fridge, courtesy of Alan the butcher from Bradford.
2. Sarah McCarten does laundry for fun. No joke.
3. ‘No Joke.’ Pronounced ‘No Joooooooke’ with beautiful bradfordian intonation became a common phrase in our house.
4. Guitar Club was a favourite activity. With so many Christian songs having approx. 5 chords on repeat we became worship leader pros by the end of our lease.
5. There was once a time when I had an unfortunate accident and Sarah became Nurse Sarah and even had to take me to the toilet in my wheelchair. She told me I better not do anything though. True friendship.
6. I learnt a lot about thinking about what I believe from Sarah. Which is really helpful when you are surrounded by debates, Christians and bible college.
7. The house often smelt of different flavour Shisha.
8. Sarah has a LOT of hair. We had to put an hour aside whenever it was curling time.
9. Sarah knows all the words to S Club 7.
10. Christian Dancing took on a whole new meaning.
11. We encouraged Christian dancing at our house parties.
12. One time Sarah went to Morrisons and got lots of yummy food and we had a picnic on our lounge floor. We love Picnics.
13. I got to sample the hottest Thai Green curry ever.
14. We were the best double act at the Local Pub. We were sure people came to the quiz night just for the Nothern/Welsh entertainment.
15. It’s best to let Sarah nap in peace. Even if a nap means 2 hours in the afternoon.
16. When discussing Chavs and how nobody we know owns such attire. Sarah disappeared and returned later with an Adidas shell-suit and massive hoop earrings on to prove us wrong. It was a sight to behold.
17. Sarah loves to cook. She also loves to bake. She also loves Pancakes.
18. Sarah’s a good cook, a good baker and Pancake Sunday became a weekly event.
19. Sarah has the ability to eat some food then have a few hours rest and then go back to the same food. Without reheating it. I thought it was northern but apparently it’s a Sarah thing.
20. Sarah is very generous.
21. We had lots of dinner parties with friends, this was a treat.
22. Everything good was always a ‘treat’
23. When we play apples to apples or articulate we get SO LOUD. But we are a dream team.
24. We had nicknames for the people we met and couldn’t remember such as; ‘three toothbrush______’
25. If you ever use Sarah’s clothes airer and accidentally break it, make sure to take note of which one it really is so you don’t come back with a new one from the Argos value range that isn’t anywhere near as good. It doesn’t go down to well.
26. Washing the rice cooker is important.
27. Sarah’s hates being called Sazza. Apazza. But it’s worth the comedy value.
28. If it wasn’t for that halogen over I don’t know how we would have ever made good roasties.
29. Living with Sarah was a fun time. But also a very good learning time. I feel like I learnt a lot from Sarah and I’m thankful for our friendship.
30. She absolutely hates rats, i found this out when I showed her a dead rat on the road and she screamed, and when she saw the rat footprints to our flat in the snow. As a result Sarah did call me or a neighbour to come and walk her down the alley to our flat in the dark in case the rats get her. I became a regular rat bouncer.
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Georgina Moeke is a welsh songbird who is NOT from the valleys. She loves the free from aisle in all supermarkets and taking photos of her daily life. she enjoys writing, socialising  and hanging out with her new husband. She also loves to cook and drink wine whilst pondering everyday life and making the odd stupid blonde comment. She tweets here  and loves a bit of social media.

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