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Thirty things that have changed our lives. A guest post by Ruth and Richard Littlehales.

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thirty_thingsI love Ruth and Richard Littlehales, and their children very much. Their son is my Godson! They are some of the most genuine and faithful people you could ever hope to come across. I was part of a house church (glasshouse) they led a number of years ago and it was one of the most wonderful and challenging things I’ve ever been a part of.

  1. meeting each other
  2. meeting J John
  3. meeting Jesus
  4. Getting married
  5. Having children
  6. Buying a house
  7. Getting rejected by a church
  8. The Glasshouse experience
  9. Seeing a friend healed of terminal cancer
  10. Being out of work
  11. The empty nest
  12. Witnessing the end of young life.
  13. The death of a parent
  14. Mission trips to the developing world.
  15. Revelation from the heart of God
  16. Nature
  17. Seeing children transition into adulthood
  18. Holidays
  19. Mountains and skiing!
  20. Learning to love yourself
  21. Being at peace with yourself
  22. Always having a dream
  23. Learning to grow old together
  24. Looking at the someone’s heart, not outward appearance
  25. Choosing life
  26. Generosity of friends
  27. Books
  28. Date nights
  29. Pursuit of truth
  30. Knowing Sarah McCarten!!!

photo“We met Sarah when doing a house church thing! She was amazing and baked brownies and was so part of the family!”

I was with Ruth the first time she went skiing, and let’s just say it wasn’t life changing in a good way.

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