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Thirty things I miss about being a kid. A guest post from Jeanny Wang

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Basically Mrs. Wang is brilliant –  she and her husband David are some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever encountered. They teach me so much about being church but more often than not it’s not with their words. 

1.Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, big cola bottles and flying saucer sweets, you pick them yourself and put them in a little white paper bag, all for 1p each.

2.Lots of people smiling and being kind to you for doing nothing.

3.Not being very self conscious or self aware.

4.Being completely hidden behind grown-ups, although technically that’s still possible.


6.Wearing Start-rite shoes.

7.Being picked up from school by my grandad and going to the corner shop to buy 1p sweets.

8.Getting stickers from the dentist and feeling happy.

9.Green grocers that twist the corners of brown paper bags.

10.10p Beanos.

11.Staying out all day to play with my neighbours in our street.

12.Having plaits in my hair.

13.Showing your underwear and it not mattering.

14.Not having any worries.

15.Wearing a lot of dresses with white socks.

16.Being able to play.

17.Not having to do any work.

18.Roasted chestnuts sold on the streets.

19.Rolling down grassy hills and not get a headache.

20.Giggling a lot.

21.Playing with sand for a very long time without getting bored.

22.Having fun with very little.

23.The pleasure of hooking maggots on fish hooks for fishing.

24.Going to Hampstead Heath, especially when The Fair was on.

25.Being able to win goldfishes in plastic bags which you could carry home.

26.Day dreaming and it being OK.

27.Being naughty and getting away with it.

28.Talking about everything.

29.Believing I was everyone’s favourite.

30.Being silly.


Jeanny Wang lives in Northwood with a few kids and a husband. She wouldn’t call herself a writer but she had fun writing this. She is into painting and drawing and when her kids are a bit bigger, she wants to paint and draw more. She has a visual arts background, studied theology later on in life and has been trying ever since to work out and live out what a life of faith in a Triune creator God means in practice.

Author: sarahmccarten

One thought on “Thirty things I miss about being a kid. A guest post from Jeanny Wang

  1. Brilliant Mrs Wang! The simple things in life are truly the best, eh!?
    From Mrs Huynh in Singapore

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