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Thirty things that surprised us about marriage. A guest post by Ben and Ruth McAvoy.

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thirty_thingsToday I’ve got the pleasure of hosting two of my oldest friends in this space, I’m so pleased they agreed to be part of this series, this post is the first of two that they’ll be contributing – look out for the next one! 

Over the past six years of marriage there have been some interesting, frustrating, exciting, nervous, angry and extremely happy moments. Today we are taking over Sarah’s blog to tell you about some of he more unexpected things that we have encountered on our journey so far…

  1. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.
  2. The smallest things can really make you laugh.
  3. The people that love you the most can hurt you the most.
  4. How good sex can be.
  5. How bad sex can be.
  6. Marriage isn’t about changing the other person but you become more alike.
  7. How amazing it is to live with your best friend.
  8. Hugs can make a lot of things disappear.
  9. The things you cry with laughter about aren’t really funny to anyone else (and when you try and explain them to other people they just look at you in a weird way).
  10.  How much it breaks your heart to see the other person cry.
  11.  How you really don’t care when someone leaves the toilet seat up
  12.  How criticisms of everything get really tiring
  13.  That when I said ‘I won’t take the bins out’, I really meant it!
  14.  That girls can be rubbish at housework and washing up.
  15.  That wedding days literally can seem like yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time.
  16.  Big gestures and little gestures can be important.
  17.  Sometimes you don’t need to talk.
  18.  Sometimes you do need to talk.
  19.  That the smallest and simplest gifts are the best.
  20.  That buying someone sweets or chocolate and then eating them yourself will never be forgiven!
  21.  Writing this blog while looking at each other is a bit weird.
  22.  How a person can feel like the safest place in the world.
  23.  That anger doesn’t really solve anything at all.
  24.  Sometimes crying for no reason is really for no reason.
  25.  That when you’re going through a rough patch you probably haven’t spent enough quality time together.
  26.  That the piece of advice the taxi driver on the way to the airport on your honeymoon gave you about ‘always communicating’ is actually really really good advice.
  27.  That boys make the fussiest housewives.
  28.  That girls need a chair in the bedroom to put clothes on.
  29.  That sometimes, getting space from each other is ok.
  30.  That boys really do smell (and girls sometimes).

Untitled1 Ben and Ruth McAvoy have been married for almost 6 years, and although I know this (I went to their wedding), Ruth is still listed in my phone as here unmarried name. Out of all the friends I have in the North, it’s the two of them I always make an effort to see when I visit my parents. They are so much fun. Ruth is a primary school teacher and Ben does something with music and computers, you check out his work here.

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