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Thirty things I love about Sarah McCarten – A guest post by Kelly Maxted.

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 So this is weird isn’t it? I know my blog is often about self promotion but this takes the biscuit doesn’t it? When my very best friend asked to contribute things that she loved about me for this series I had no idea that she was serious. It turns out she was. So here it is; thirty things my best friend loves about me.

1. She’s so generous.
Ever since I met Sarah McCarten she has always been so generous, especially with her money. Sarah wouldn’t think twice about buying your coffee, having you over for dinner or letting you have something of hers that you needed. But she’s also generous with her time and her things. This is such a rare quality in people these days, as life gets more expensive and busy.

In our first year at uni she randomly bought me some bubble bath and brought it to a lecture. Unfortunately I didn’t read the label and started rubbing some into my hands, thinking it was hand cream.

It wasn’t until my hands started to sting that I realised it was actually bubble bath! I was too scared of the lecturer to get up and leave to wash my hands!

2. She’s determined.
Ever since Sarah admitted that she wants to be a vicar, to me and herself, she has done all she can to work towards this.

She’s always wanted to write and has worked hard more recently to improve her skills in this too.
When I first met Sarah she wasn’t very confident at public speaking. When we both started our roles in the student committee, Sarah made one of her learning aims to do more public speaking. And that she did. I have seen her grow in this and go on to give third year presentations and speeches; all because she is ambitious and determined to learn and challenge herself. I wish I could be this determined in the things I want to learn and be!

3. She’s funny.
Sarah just makes me laugh so much. Once I actually wet myself when we were trying to escape from a prank we’d just set up.

4. She thinks she’s even funnier.
What makes Sarah even funnier is that she will be laughing at herself even longer than anyone else. She thinks she is so funny. And she is right so she may as well laugh along too!

5. She’s trustworthy.
I can trust Sarah. I can tell her things that she may even disagree with, but I can trust her with them. I can trust her with my stuff, my home, my family; everything!

6. She tells me when I need to do things that I want to avoid.
Recently I had been thinking about something that I thought I needed to do. I spoke to Sarah about it and she confirmed I definitely did need to do this: I really didn’t want to. I kept trying to talk myself out of it, but Sarah kept reminding me to do it until eventually I had to. Not many people will do this but Sarah has always done this with me. I’m so grateful for this because I’m always trying to talk myself out of things!

7. She’s nothing like me.
Sarah and I often completely disagree on things. We have quite different lives and lifestyles. I love this because I always learn from Sarah and I really value all of the things that are different. I also love that despite how different we can be, it doesn’t get in the way of our friendship.

8. She’s just like me.
On the other hand, Sarah and I are completely the same on some things. We make each other worse (or better) in the things that we agree on.

9. She’s honest.
If you ask Sarah for her opinion then that is what you will get. Sometimes you don’t even need to ask. You always know where you stand with Sarah.
10. She’s blunt.
I don’t think many people know anyone quite as blunt as Sarah. I love it: it saves so much time. One time I asked Sarah about something expecting her to tell me what I wanted to hear. She did not and very bluntly told me what she thought. I was so annoyed, but in the end, she was right! Cow!

11. She annoys me.
Sarah really gets on my nerves sometimes, but, I can always tell her. Likewise, I annoy her too and she will tell me.

12. She acts like a kid.
Sarah and I love being silly together! Unfortunately this makes us get louder and often embarrasses other people, mainly Luke, my husband. This just makes us laugh more. Sorry Luke.

13. She’s loud.
Sarah is the loudest person I know. Maybe related to Hitler? Some people find the loudness too much. I like it; at least I always know where she is.

14. She’s creative.
Sarah is pretty good at making things. She got a sewing machine one birthday/Christmas and just went with it! She made a really good laptop case amongst other things. She is also good at making cakes and is creative with how she thinks too.

15. She is trying to learn the truth about herself.
In our second year at uni Sarah and I had a joke about assessing ourselves to make sure we were becoming better. The truth is that’s actually really hard. But Sarah has really been doing this and not just for a joke.

16. She’s a good cook.
She makes good food and even bakes! Her brownies are the best but she refuses to make them now as too many people were demanding them!

17. She cooks the best ham!
I know this is like the previous point but really it must be it’s own point. I had never really had a ham before I met Sarah; not the Essex thing apparently. I’ve met Alan the butcher at the end of Sarah’s parents road – he’s real and his hams are cheap and Sarah brings them all the way back from Bradford to London to share. She’s so good!

18. She’s good at her job.
Her CV is pretty good. She’s done a lot of good things and has some pretty good qualifications. Sometimes I think she has it pretty easy, and often she may well do. But actually I think the truth is, it sounds easy because she’s so good at  it.

18. She’s good at games.
Sarah loves a good board game! And I enjoy playing them with her apart from one time where we played rummikub – I didn’t know we had to be silent. Most boring game of my life! I think I got told off by Sarah and Luke and we didn’t play that one again.

20. She’s fun to be with.
The thing with Sarah is, we can just sit and drink tea, talk crap, watch a film, go shopping; even just Tesco, and we have fun. I don’t know how but Sarah makes things fun.

21. She makes me proud of her.
Sarah often asks her friends ‘Are you proud of me?’ And yes, actually, I am proud of her!

22. She’s passionate.
When Sarah believes something, she is really passionate. It also makes her louder!

23. She’s challenging.
Sarah can be a bit of a handful sometimes and often people misunderstand her. I thought she was brilliant from the start. I think it’s because she’s challenging; often because of some of the other reason’s I love her. Friends should be challenging sometimes and be able to challenge each other.

24. She’s different.
I have never met anyone like her and I don’t know how to explain it or what it is but I bet if you know her you think the same. She is unique and it’s brilliant.

25. She lets me tell her everything.
The thing is, people think they tell each other everything but do they know the other person really wants to hear it? Would they allow you to if they knew what you were going to say? It’s a big responsibility. Sarah allows me to tell her everything, even if she doesn’t really want to know or I’m actually just ranting and she keeps my secrets.

26. She let’s me ask her anything.
Likewise, Sarah lets me ask her anything. She is very guarded and may not always tell me, but she lets me ask and I’m grateful for that.

27. She’s dedicated to learning.
Sarah has been seeking all ways to learn the things she needs and wants to. It’s so good and she really is learning a lot. I wish I could be as dedicated as her.

28. She’s good at writing.
I love Sarah’s blog. It’s the only blog I’ve ever been able to read every time, all the way through. I think her writing has improved so much and is going to get even better! Watch out for her future book ‘Love Jesus – hug a Dolphin’ and ‘Jesus is the new Polly Pocket.’

29. She makes good speeches!
The speech Sarah made at my wedding was one of the best moments of my day! She was funny, truthful and confident. Watch out Cameron!
30. She has big hair and small teeth.
My Mum has really thick hair. I thought she was the only person who spent 6 hours at the hairdressers getting her roots done. Then one time I tried to dye Sarah’s hair! It’s even thicker and it’s lovely! On the other hand, she has really tiny teeth. They are really cute! Gorgeous!

31. She has favourites.
Sarah has always had favourites, and they can change. Don’t think that if you’re her favourite now that you will always be her favourite. That is only true of me! Also, she may not even tell you if you’re one of the favourites but she’ll hint that you’re one of the ‘good’ ones. So watch out!

32. She’s my best friend.
Sarah recently heard someone at a talk say that it was better to have a group of friends than to have one best friend. I love having lots of friends but I love having one special best friend too. It doesn’t make my other friendships any less special, but it makes Sarah and my friendship different. I’m privileged to be her best friend and I love her.

33. She’s 30.
This is something I love about Sarah because it’s not the biggest drama of her life. A lot of people who turn 30 and don’t have a mortgage, a husband and a kid feel like they’ve failed in life. I personally think that’s ridiculous and Sarah proves that. Sarah will never fall under the pressure of society and fit into a mould. She is 30 and she is brilliant, as well as all of the above and more. Besides, being 30 means she’ll always be older than me – what a treat!


 What ever you want to say about Kelly, it can’t be that she’s good a counting. She made 33. points and I don’t know which ones I was supposed to delete. So you got them all! 

Kelly Maxted is my very best friend. She’s from Hornchurch in Essex, and currently resides in North West London with her husband Luke and their baby son, Reuben. She’s a brilliant cook, except for mashed potato. She’s the most generous person that I know. If you get a chance to be friends with this girl, grab it with both hands; it’ll be worth it, I promise. She doesn’t wet herself very often. 

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