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Thirty things I love about my friends.

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Today is my birthday and I’m launching a thirty day long series on my blog entitled thirty things. It’s to mark the fact that thirty years ago at 08:09 I was born. I’ve got some wonderful contributors coming up. I’ve still got a couple of slots left at the end of the month, so if you’re interested drop me an email, I’d love to have you.

I’m kicking us off today with thirty things I love about my friends.

  1. They tolerate me.
  2. They are generous, with their lives as well as their things.
  3. They’ll play board games with me.
  4. Basically, they are brilliant.
  5. Even when I behave intolerably, they’re still my friends.
  6. They call me on my crap.
  7. They’re contributing to this series.
  8. They encourage my passions.
  9. They know the difference between monkeys and bears.
  10. They feel more like family than friends.
  11. They don’t go on short-term missions and if they do they don’t telHel me about them.
  12. They might not understand my aversion to rodents but they respect it nonetheless.
  13. They never try to make me eat fish.
  14. We drink champagne to celebrate even little things.
  15. They don’t think wearing Toms is preaching the gospel.
  16. They weren’t homeschooled (mostly).
  17. They tell me what they believe, but our friendship is not contingent on my believing the same things as them.
  18. The look after me, when I need it most, and when I need it least.
  19. They’re really fun.
  20. They think I’m funny.
  21. They have the best parties and the best dinner parties.
  22. They make me more honest.
  23. They make me a better person.
  24. They make an effort to spend time with me.
  25. They appreciate my quirks.
  26. They take more photographs than I do.
  27. They proof read blogs for me and they let me check ideas with them.
  28. Even if I never get married, I know I won’t grow old alone.
  29. The songs on my iPod  don’t stop us being friends.
  30. They don’t reinforce negative behaviour (in other words they ignore me when I call myself a post-liberal).

Thanks so much for reading. Come back tomorrow when we’ll be hearing from my best friend about why she loves me so much, I’m not kidding. I tweet here.

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