Sarah McCarten

Thirty things…


My lovely friends;

I wonder if I can ask you something?

In a few short weeks I’ll turn thirty and I’d love to do something different on my blog to mark the occasion.

For the thirty days following my birthday I’ll be hosting a series called Things Things…  I’d love you to participate. I would like to post your Thirty Things… Some ideas are below.

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Thirty things I love about the church.

Thirty things I wish I knew about marriage.

Thirty things that annoy me about living in London.

Thirty things I love to hate.

Thirty things that have changed my life.

Thirty things I love in the bible.

Thirty things that make me glad I’m single.

Thirty things I’ve learned from my best friend.

You can simply submit a list or a sentence or two about each thing. I did a similar singular post at my last birthday, which you can read here, but I’m hoping to make it a bit bigger for this one.

If you’d like to help please get in touch with the thirty things you’d like to write about; please feel free to deviate from the list, I’d like as wide a variety of possible. I’m only taking one post per subject as well, so if you’re keen to write something specific do let me know as soon as you can.

Once I hear from you I’ll schedule your post and let you know the date I’ll need your post by. If you have any questions please give me a shout, my email is, or use this contact page. You are by no means expected to be a blogger to contribute to this :).

I’ll kick us off on May 16th with thirty things I love about my friends.

Grace and peace to you


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8 thoughts on “Thirty things…

  1. I’m IN!!! And since the end of May will mark my 12th wedding anniversary I’m thinking something to do with marriage. Thanks for the opportunity Sarah!!

    • Amazing! would you drop me an email with your title, once you have it, and what date is your wedding anniversary? Let’s post it then! Thanks for contributing! It really means a lot! X

  2. Happy birthday, Sarah! I’d love to help celebrate by sharing 30 things I’ve learned from my best friend.

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  4. Hey Sarah! Really enjoying your blog, didnt know you were such an awesome writer! Happy birthday too. I would love to contribute to the thirty things if you still need people? Have some ideas in mind.

  5. Sarah! Really enjoying your blog! I didn’t know you we’re such a good writer. Happy birthday too! Do you still need more contributors for the thirty things? I have some ideas and would love to try writing a bit more…let me know.

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