Sarah McCarten

When I tell you why I’m writing again.


imageI feel like I’m a fraud.

I feel like that partly because I’m not a writer and partly because I’m not prepared to share all of myself on the internet.

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to call myself a writer. I’m convinced that it’ll never be my profession, but I am convinced that it’s something I should be doing and that it is a part of my calling.

The thing is, that has never bothered me before, I don’t mind saying ‘I write’ or ‘I have a blog’ the writer label is something I’ve never really aspired to.

I’ve been reading lots of wonderful blogs over the past few months and I see people sharing honestly and frankly and it is beautiful. It’s not because I can’t write like that, it’s not because I don’t have those stories. It’s because it’s not me. That’s not my way. I’ve come to realise that is alright.

People share things in their blogs that I don’t even talk to my best friend about. That’s me, I’m not a big ‘sharer’, and in general, I’m happy with that. But then I feel guilty, I feel like a phoney because I’m not revealing a secret about myself every other week on my blog.

So I stopped writing.

There’s been this massive gaping hole in my blog.

I received some advice from a couple of wonderful friends recently; that when it comes down to it if you’re being yourself you’re not being disingenuous.

So that’s it. I’m back! My writing might not be like everyone else, but it’s me, and that’s the best that I’ve got for you.

Would you excuse me if my voice is a little croaky over the next while, I’m working on using it again.



I’m including this post in Kirsten Oliphant’s Writerly Blog Hop, if you’d like to you can check it out here. I tweet here, do follow me. Thanks so much for reading, it really does mean a lot to me.

Author: sarahmccarten

14 thoughts on “When I tell you why I’m writing again.

  1. I love this!! Sometimes I fall into that trap, reading too many blogs and feeling like I am different somehow and need to find a way to fit into someone else’s niche. That’s when I take a break and a deep breath and remember to write what I want, how I want. There are many wonderful writers out there, but if we all sounded the same, it would just be a dull, uninspired roar. Glad you have found the courage to embrace your voice and your work again.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Thank you for the reminder to be myself on my blog. I could probably point to a few posts that were written because of something I thought I was “supposed to do” as a blogger.

  3. This is great! Thank you for reminding others to stick to their calling and not be silently bullied by the poop stories. There’s a place for everyone in this crazy, little world called Creativity. Keep doing what you do. Glad you’re back!

    I struggle with this same thing because in “real life”, I’m probably an over-sharer, but that is with the few people that I choose to share with. It’s not for a few thousand strangers a day. So I try to find the balance… between what I feel comfortable sharing and what I feel like is crossing the line. I have many regrets. For example, I had a colonoscopy last week and wrote 10 things that I learned from it. I went back and read it later and thought, ‘Why in the world did I publish this??’ (I blame the anesthesia.)

  4. Sarah, you expressed so well what I often feel! I struggle with the balance of writing from my heart versus over-sharing. It’s hard to know where the delicate balance is. Sometimes I’ve pulled back and have been silent for months at a time, but it always feels right, somehow, to come back!

    One way I worked through it is to just write for God and me these days. I’m glad you’ve gotten back up! I look forward to reading more of your stories!

  5. As a newbie blogger, your post really encouraged me. ‘Everyone’ says a non-fiction writer must have a blog, so I started one. ‘Everyone’ says you must post relevant content on the blog, so I try to do that, too. But sometimes, I just want to share what I’ve written and not do the ‘right’ thing that ‘everyone’ says I must. So, I’ll just keep blogging along and remember your advice to be true to myself!

  6. I struggle with the label, too. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’m a writer (though saying I write is so easy) because I’m afraid someone will read my words and see through me, see everything I’m not. As a blogger, too, it’s really hard to open myself up to the vulnerability of writing for every single damn person in the world to see. I’m incredibly insecure. And I’m glad I’m not alone.

  7. Your honesty is refreshing! That’s why your writing shouldn’t be like anyone else’s! You have your own special voice and gift and that’s what makes your writing yours. I don’t think you have to share all of yourself on the internet to be a writer or even to be a memoirist. It’s more about what you share and the words you use to share it.

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