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Five reasons that starting a blog is really quite exciting.


Hello! This is my second post here, if you missed the first you can read it here. This one kinda follows on from that one. Enjoy!

I might learn the truth.

As I write and read, I learn things. Generally I would always check my facts before I put pen to paper, unless something is glaringly obvious. Some of the things I’ve learnt are pretty amazing – and it’s not always facts, like monkeys are not bears. It’s stuff about the way people think, about their attitudes towards thing, people’s passions. It’s really exciting.

I might learn the truth about me.

Sometimes things spring up on the paper that I didn’t know I thought, or at least I’ve never articulated before. I’m not supposing that someone secretly logs onto my computer or writes things in my notebook. I mean that I write things that I’ve not consciously thought about before. This is exciting. Things like this include blogs on divorce, on why worship is not just a lifestyle, and how much lying is acceptable in life. This is exciting because it means that I’m learning just who I am, and that can’t be a bad thing.

You might learn the truth about me.

The truth is I am not as together as I would like to be. My theology is all over the place. I’m not very articulate. Sometimes I’m quite boring.

If you continue reading this blog you’ll learn this stuff. That is really exciting. Hopefully because you’ll learn that being these things doesn’t make me any less of a person. And with a bit of luck, you’ll still like me, and we’ll still be friends, that’s good! If only for the fact that it will deepen our friendship.

This is a public space.

Sometimes I’m outspoken (I’m being rather kind to myself here); I often say the first thing that comes into my mind. This is not a good thing. I want to be more considered. This space, I hope, will make me think about what I say (write) before I say (write) it, knowing I have no control over who hears (reads) it. This is quite exciting.

It will be hard work.

If you know me, you’ll know that I love my job, but you’ll also know that it’s not very demanding work. That’s not to say that some nanny jobs are not hard work, they have more difficult families, more demanding children or longer hours, but I am very blessed with having a job I love and that I don’t find too taxing.

I do however miss having something to sink my teeth into (metaphorically of course, I have the worlds smallest teeth so sinking them into TESCO VALUE BREAD wouldn’t take long). I feel like I’ve had a big enough break from studying, (I handed in my final degree assignment over eight months ago) it’s time to start thinking again. This is really quite exciting.



Thanks so much for reading! It really does mean a lot to me.

Also thanks to my wonderful friend Nat who proof reads for me (actually for you really, I know what I’m trying to say, she makes sure you do).

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2 thoughts on “Five reasons that starting a blog is really quite exciting.

  1. I love your small teeth! You could take on Tesco Value bread! Let’s try it!

  2. Oh also I love your blogs too! Not just your small teeth!

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