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Five reasons why starting a blog is a little scary.

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I love to write. I wish I had more time to do it and I wish I was better at it. One day I would love to write a book. For now I’ll write a blog – but I’m a little bit overwhelmed by the idea, this is why…

I might learn the truth.

Most of the time I think I’m right. A lot less of the time I actually am.

When I was 18 I discovered that monkeys are not a type of bear. I know; I am ridiculous. I don’t know how I’d got the idea, but somehow up until age 18, I’d always thought monkeys were a type of bear. It was a shock to me when I mentioned something about a monkey bear to my friend and he laughed. He then told some of our other friends and they laughed.

The truth is the only reason I realised I was wrong was because I said what I thought and I was corrected.

I’m scared that will happen here.

I might learn the truth about me.

One thing I do know is that people think I’m funny – in a comedic way not in a peculiar way (although they may think that too). I also know that I think I’m much funnier than other people think I am

I used to work for a charity, and we were going through some organisational changes, it was quite a draining time for most of the staff. I was chatting to a friend one day about the whole thing and I said to him ‘don’t worry about me, I love change.’ My friend told me graciously (after he’d finished laughing) that I didn’t like change at all. He went on to explain all the times I had shown this with my actions. He was right.

I am nervous that I might learn some similar lessons here. I might not be so ready to hear them.

You might learn the truth about me.

I’d quite like to present an image of myself where I appear together and where I’m pretty good at the things that I do. But I want to write honestly, and that means if you continue to read (and I genuinely hope that you do) you may well discover that I’m clumsy, messy and a bit lazy, among other things.

I hope that this truth will be endearing and will not put you off being friends with me.

That this is a public space.

The thing that I like about Facebook is that I can control who reads what I have written. It’s the same with twitter, I can block people from following me and I can protect my tweets if I want to. This blog is different because it is in a public space. This is very different because anyone can read it and I want people to read it. But I want the right people to read it.

I actually don’t know why I’m worried. I expect only my very best friends will read it and only because they pity me.

It will be hard work.

I like writing a lot. I really do. I like writing on my terms. I like that I can pick it up and put it down when I want to, I guess that I can do that here, but I don’t want people to realise how lazy I am.

So you’re probably wondering; ‘why is Sarah McCarten starting a blog if all she’s going to do is complain about it?’ Well see my next post: five reasons that starting a blog is really quite exciting.

Thanks so much for reading guys! It really does mean a lot to me.

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